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DATES:  1st - 14th May 


TIMES: All day everyday, any time

VENUE: The full IMMERSIVE AUDIO TOUR begins from

LIVERPOOL EVERYMAN but you can jump in for any of our

LOCATIONSSome of the venues might not be open,

but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to listen. You can listen

inside, outside, walking or sitting

LENGTH: The full audio tour is between 10 - 120 minutes.

Listen to as much or as little as you want

CONTENT WARNING: Descriptions of violence, imprisonment,

torture and war

STEP-FREE ACCESS: The audio tour gives instructions for step-free access at each location

CAPTIONS: A transcript of the audio is provided as part of the full-audio tour

WHAT DO I NEED: A smartphone and headphones

PHONE CHARGERS: Make sure your smartphone is fully charged. If you are running out of battery phone chargers are provided along the route.

WEATHER: Check the weather forecast. We’re a coastal city, it’s changeable

TAKE A BREAK: There’s plenty of coffee shops, toilets and places to eat and drink on route if you want to pause

SAFETY: If you’re walking, make sure you pay attention to the street and roads around you! If its night time make sure you stay in busy areas.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you’re using an iPhone make sure you do not use Firefox, instead use Safari or Chrome. Check your wifi connection.

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