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With Fire And Rage is created from the
testimonies, art, photography, and music of artists across Ukraine.
Discover, watch and read more about their work here:

Lesya Ukrainka Theatre features in our first location in Our Biggest Premiere Yet. Read more about their values and work here

Since 2006, Sphere has united women of Kharkiv, including lesbian and bisexual women, for freedom, equality and safety. Sphere features in InOur Place, In Our City discover more about their work:

Anthology 24

Texts and poems from Anthology24 appear throughout With Fire And Rage. Anthology24 is a collection of texts, written in the first months of the full-scale invasion.

Those around the world are invited to read & perform texts

The Museum of the Kharkiv School of Photography features in Our Own Personal Heroes.See and read more about their work and that of their artists

KharkivMusicFest is an annual classical music festival presenting famous Ukrainian and international artists in the second largest city of Ukraine. Watch this short documentary on their work since the full-scale invasion:

Music from Crimea 5am features in With Fire And Rage. Crimea 5 am is an international project dedicated to political prisoners in Crimea inviting people across the world to stand in solidarity

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